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CD Release Date: May 27, 2016

Gordon Tittsworth: Vocals
Bobby Chavez: Lead Guitar
Victor Morell: Keyboards & Rhythm Guitar
Michael Wolff: Bass Guitar
Steve Dorssom: Drums & Percussion

We are very proud to announce the release of our new single, Born Of Fire’s rendition of the 1976 Kansas classic “Carry On Wayward Son”.

To accompany this single we have put together a very cool unique style video with some fantastic artistry & visuals. This is definitely a very different type of video from what you would typically see from us but we feel this unique artistry style gives it that epic throw back feel this classic song deserves. Riding high on our latest release “Dead Winter Sun” on Pure Steel Records.

The band wanted to put out a single before starting the writing process for the next album and to show our support to the fans we are offering the song as a free download.

We sincerely hope you all enjoy the song and the video. Most importantly thanks to everyone around the world for your support!!

Track Listing:

1. Dead Winter Sun
2. When Hope Dies
3. Last Goodbye
4. Cast The Last Stone
5. Speed Of Dark (instrumental)
6. Spiritual Warfare
7. Hollow Soul
8. Echoes Of The Lost
9. In A Cold World
10. Tears

Pure Steel Records Catalog# PSRCD096
CD Release Date: November 14, 2014
Limited Edition Vinyl: Visit the PURE STEEL SHOP

Gordon Tittsworth: Vocals
Bobby Chavez: Lead Guitar
Victor Morell: Rhythm Guitar
Michael Wolff: Bass Guitar
Steve Dorssom: Drums & Percussion

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Originally founded in 1998, US Metal band BORN OF FIRE first made their mark with their self titled demo, released a year after their forming. They quickly became known for their signature style that fused elements of Metal greats with a sophisticated sound all their own, and went on to release "Transformation" in 2000, followed by a 3 track EP in 2001 that saw major recognition in international metal charts. The band took a hiatus for 10 years, only to come back strong following a reforming and rebirth in 2012 when they released their "Anthology" album, supported by big-budget music video for their popular track "In The End". The now-veterans of metal, along with Pure Steel Records have announced the release of their latest and greatest: "Dead Winter Sun", BORN OF FIRE's second full-studio album.

"Dead Winter Sun" showcases the Arizona-based quintet's wholly unique style of power metal in 10 powerful tracks. BORN OF FIRE's musical spectrum reaches from progressive influenced parts like (newer) Fates Warning and Rainbow-styled keyboard-parts to hymnic guitar leads and thundering double bass parts. The dominating, soaring vocals of newcomer Gordon Tittsworth come full of substance and emotion, and the range that "Dead Winter Sun" showcases waxes and wanes between driving, murderous intensity and ominous calm, fitting perfectly into BORN OF FIRE's brand of truly atmospheric metal that you can lose yourself in.

BORN OF FIRE has returned with sophisticated, exquisite Metal, stronger than ever before.

Fans of Iron Maiden, Iced Earth, Fates Warning, Crimson Glory, and similar styled metal will find familiar, nostalgic elements interlaced with BORN OF FIRE's refreshingly unique and modern sound.

Track Listing:

1. Centrifuge
2. In the End
3. Lifemares
4. After the Fire
5. Those Beyond
6. Blinded
7. Fire and Brimstone
8. After the Fire
9. Gemini
10. The Storm
11. On the Run
12. Those Beyond
13. Eclectic Ones
14. In Solemn We Suffer
15. Blinded
16. Fire and Brimstone
17. [hidden instrumental]

No Remorse Records Catalog# 09.039731

Release Date: December, 2012
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James Davis: Vocals
Bobby Chavez: Lead Guitar & Bass
Victor Morell: Rhythm Guitar
Steve Dorssom: Drums & Percussion