Kilts: A Symbol of Protest

scottish kilt

Kilts have a longstanding history in Scotland and have been an enduring part of their culture for centuries. They are still considered to be the national dress in Scotland, and they continue to dominate different spaces in the Scottish lifestyle. You will now find a variety of kilts being used depending on the material and type of design. There are kilts specifically used for sports, kilts for formal events, kilts for everyday wear like utility kilts, and so on. The utility kilt is a more recent type of kilt and you will find it being used for casual wear because they are designed to be more durable, and since cotton is usually the preferred choice of material, it is possible to get different patterns and designs on them. If you are interested in going through different kilt options, you can read more on the subject online.

Kilts were, and continue to be considered as a symbol of patriotism, and a symbol of protest in Scotland. The English banned kilts during the 1700s and this 36-year ban was eventually lifted because it never stopped the people of Scotland, from the nobles to the commoners from wearing them. After all, the banned kilt became a sign of resistance against the English powers for them.

A kilt can still be a symbol of protest against our social norms. A kilt adds fuel to how there is no such thing as gendered clothing. A utility kilt is not only sturdy and functional, it is also a great way to be comfortable without feeling the need to define its gender. Kilts can be traced back to the 15th century, and they continue to be a proud part of Scotland’s history and culture today. If you want to feel included in that, then go ahead and buy one today.

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Accessorizing in The Workplace

rose gold plated necklace

When you are putting on any extra accessories for the work place, then you have to be a bit careful with what you wear. Most office and corporate environments demand that you do not have over the top jewelry or accessories incorporated in to your outfit. A general idea of what is considered professional dressing and what is not comes in to play here. So for the women who want a new idea on how they can make their work looks better but also not be doing too much, this article will be discussing one of the most viable types of jewelry items; rose gold jewelry.

A lot of people surprisingly have not experimented with or incorporated rose gold jewelry in to their daily outfits, and they are missing out because of this. There is so much that you can do with rose gold jewelry, whether for a night out with friends, casual hang outs, a big black tie event party, or even for your daily office routine. Rose gold is versatile and it is usable for a lot of things, and best of all, it can be paired with so many things, you can mostly put it on with what you would normally wear.

So the exact type of rose gold jewelry that we suggest you being with for a work place, although you could easily wear it casually, is by getting a rose gold choker. Now you might think this a strange option, but these will not look or work like a black cotton band. A rose gold choker will be a metallic band that can be around your neck, or resting right at the base of your neck. It is often thought of as an accessory worn when power dressing in the office.

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Should You Be Wearing Anklets?

“Anklets?! But aren’t those old news?”

You might also have reacted as such when you saw one of your friends wearing a silver anklet over her pumps. Sure, it does look cute but it’s not every day that you see someone wear an anklet in 2019, you know. Well, the good news is that anklets might not be such a rare sight anymore. While it’s true that anklets went out of fashion around the early 2000s (or maybe even the late ’90s in some places), they’re kind of reappearing thank to the nostalgia wave.

We have so many trends going across these days but the best part is that some of these current trends are reviving some things from past trends that we all collectively missed. It doesn’t seem quite right that fashion companies keep us away from things we like and keep moving up on to newer things just so they can sell us all these new things that we think are cool. A lot of jewelry stores have caught on to this re-emergence – you can buy sterling silver ankle bracelets

Some Anklets boast a much simpler look that we didn’t see the last time they were popular. Beaded anklets are now much bigger than they were in the 90s and these come in all kinds of cool new patterns and materials as well. Hippie like anklets are really interesting and they can really make you stand out from the crowd – that’s the power of a simple little accessory. You can also find some more jewelry like silver anklets that are adorned with cute little charms that might carry some meaning for you. Well, now that you know that it’s cool to be wearing anklets again, what are you waiting for? Check some out now!

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