Some Applications of Used Car Engines

Used cars engines aren’t just meant to be used in cars again, but they actually have a lot more applications that have nothing to do with the cars industry, for example, JDM engine and other good quality car engines are good to be used in non-automotive applications because of their versatility and reliability.

Thanks to all the technological advancements of this era, some clever minds have found a lot of other uses for used cars engines. Here are brief descriptions of some of the non-automotive applications of used car engines.

Electrical Generators

Electrical generators are one of the most common usage cases for an old used car engine, they are used in some remote areas where electricity hasn’t reached yet. People use these generators to juice up some batteries, then they connect these batteries to an inverter to convert the electricity to AC and help then run their houses at night.


Used car engines can also be used to make automated boats. Only experts are able to effectively make automated boats with used car engines.

Farming Machines

Farming machines are one of the best uses of the used car engines, in fact, many international farming machine brands modify and use some old, used car engines in their new equipment. Efficient Japanese car engines can be used to make some good farming machines. Many people are actually master at this, and they build the machines themselves.


You might ask, why someone would like to use a high efficiency, high cost car engine in a lawnmower? Well here’s the answer, some enthusiasts actually ride these custom-made lawnmowers and organize big races, where they display their customization skills.

These were some of the non-automotive uses of used car engines, you can learn some tricks too and experiment with some old used car engines.

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