Ten Songs Showing The Prodigy at Its Finest

The shocking news of Keith Flint’s death came about just 3 days ago, and with every star’s death, you cannot help but think about their works and the memory they left behind, and the frontman has left behind quite a lot, and with any band worth celebrating, we will look into a few famous songs by The Prodigy that really display the band at its pinnacle.

The Narcotic Suite

This 1994 release can be best described as a sort of slow burn. The music starts out with its standard upbeat and then the music picks up and takes on an industrial note, and you can notice the change in their beat as the music starts becoming more eerie, all the while maintaining its groove. The loud calls, that can best be described as wailing towards the last half of the song also adds a really good effect, terrifying too, but necessary addition.

Voodoo People

This 1994 release is a pretty upbeat, yet sinister song, staying true to the image created by The Prodigy. The guitar riffs after the first two minutes lead to the music taking a different turn, and everything suddenly speeds up a lot more, creating into the perfect song for a hunt.

Serial Thrilla

After this 1997 release, along with The Fat of the Land, Prodigy began to mark its place as legends of their genre. This song can only be explained as their minor contribution to the growth of rock music, and as you progress throughout the song, you will notice some elements of rock and metal, all the while maintaining their own brand and originality.


After a six-year hiatus, their fourth album was not received well, however, Spitfire was the one track from the album that many fans believed was worth the six-year wait.


Invaders Must Die produced a number of great tracks, but Piranha is considered to be one of the best songs in their discography. The mixture of natural and electronic sounds, followed by the perfect crescendo, maintains a perfect horror theme throughout the song.


This is a song that is just rock music through and through. You will find great guitars, an almost addictive chorus, and is just a perfect mix between childish and heavy.

Invaders Must Die

This is considered to be one of Prodigy’s best songs, and you will find everyone grooving along with, and there would be no neck that would not be aggressively moving to the beat on every live performance.

The Day is My Enemy

This song follows their old Invader’s Must Die rock-based rhythm, and this entire song is a few minutes of crazy riffs, and melodies that will make you experience a surge of aggressive energy.

Run With The Wolves

If David Grohl is in the song, it is bound to be amazing, and that is all you need to say to describe this famous piece.

Wall of Death

This song is about at loud, riotous, and scary as it gets. Staying true to their love for horror, and epic guitar riffs, this is the perfect song to end your prodigy journey with.

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