The Diversity of The Hamilton Cast


Whenever someone talks about Hamilton they would end up discussing the music as well as the cast, and both of these things are highly unorthodox if you were to think about it. The reason behind why it is unorthodox as far as the cast is concerned has to do with authenticity as well as diversity. You see, the characters in the play are white and yet they are often played by actors that are of different ethnic backgrounds. This has caused some controversy because the people that don’t like this feel like the play is misrepresenting history which is the kind of thing that shouldn’t happen.

However, if you think about it the purpose of the play isn’t to represent ethnic backgrounds. The story of the United States transcends race in that way because it doesn’t matter what ethnicity the founding fathers were, what truly matters is the things they believed in and the brave acts that they committed.

The creator of the play Lin Manuel Miranda also said that his decision behind the diverse casting has to do with the modern state of America. The modern US is a melting pot that has all kinds of ethnicities in it, and people from these ethnic backgrounds are just as American as everyone else.

In this way the Hamilton musical in Los Angeles promotes diversity which is a very good thing. It promotes a more tolerant society and this is a big part of the reason why it is so important in today’s political climate. We would highly recommend that you check the play out because it’s not just highly entertaining, it’s an important cultural event in our modern day and age as well which you need to understand.

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