Things You Must Know About Magic: The Gathering

Its been over 24 years after the release of Magic: The Gathering card collection and trading game. It might come as a surprise to you, but this game has more players than most of the other popular games of these times (it has over 20 million players worldwide so far).

The game is too complex for the computers to play according to this article. Although the game is pretty old now, the company behind this wonderful creation still releases new update on an yearly bases to make the game more fun and keep all the players engaged. There are certain facts about this, lets take a look at them.

Huge Earning Potential

Magic: The Gathering has about an endless collection of cards that you’ll never be tired collecting and trading. Some cards are so rare that you can literally sell them for some money to the players and enthusiasts willing to buy them.

The Black Lotus card is the rarest of the lot, it was primarily launched in a limited edition of the game, and later on it discontinued. One Black Lotus card was sold for over $27,000 back in 2014. So, if you have a Black Lotus hiding somewhere, you might consider selling that!

Game Has Many Pro Players

Magic: The Gathering saw the release of its world series which included various pro players from around the world competing for premium points and prize money. The series has been forecasted on TV channels, YouTube and is now being forecasted on twitch. These competitions further resulted in the popularity of this game increasing, as many people got to know it from TV.

You Can Get Free Cards Too

Back in the day when people used to visit the Wizards (the publisher of this game) headquarters in Washington, the staff would give them free cards to add to their collection. This is a nice way of marketing the game and gaining more players.

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