Using a Shaving Cream For a Better Shave

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Although considered to belong to cosmetics family, Shaving Foam or Shaving Cream has been around for generations and it is considered essential for men’s grooming repertoire. The cream could be in the shape of proper cream that comes in a tube similar to a toothpaste, or it could be in a pressurized container similar to a body spray. Regardless of the type, the main purpose is to make the facial hair smooth and the skin moist enough that it allows smooth and non-resistant operation of a shaving blade.

When the shaving cream was not mainstream, there were soaps used as substitutes. However, since they were not specifically made for facial skin, the results were not as good as now. In the past, shaving brushes were used to apply the shaving cream from the tube. A small amount of the paste was added to a soft fiber brush that had been presoaked. Once the cream was applied to the face in circular motions, it formed a foam which was then shaved off using a shaving blade. However, with the advancements of technologies, the cream was made into pre-formulated foam that is sold in pressurized containers. By pressing the button on the can or bottle, the foam is dispensed which saves both time and effort. For the more advanced users who are really bent on time, there are automatic shaving cream dispensers sold on various websites such as Aguideproduct Website, which makes the process even more easier.

These automatic dispensers also take pressurized cans that are specifically designed for these machines. The dispensers keep the shaving cream ready and at a certain temperature to immediately provide a comforting shaving experience to the users. Although the cost of this setup may look steep to some users, the added comfort and convenience definitely compensates for it.

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