Ways to Maintain Your A.C

Man Adjusting Air Conditioning System

Like all other appliances, Air conditioners also require maintenance in order for them to deliver an optimal performance. There are some common problems in Air Conditioners which are not only easy to figure out but also east to repair. Go through network.aia.org/blogs/haris-saeed/2019/10/12/common-air-conditioning-problems for more information.

Here’s a check list that you can follow to ensure that your AC works properly:

  1. Is the thermostat set right?

It is very easy to set the thermostat according to your needs. However, if it isn’t working properly, make sure that it isn’t directly exposed to the sun. This may force it to display the wrong temperature.

  1. Are the registers blocked or dirty?

Make sure that you vacuum the registers often so that it does not get blocked by any dirt or dust. Secondly, check if any of your furniture is blocking the airflow of the register. If so, instantly move the furniture away.

  1. Are your plants crowding the compressor?

In order for your compressor to work properly, it must have adequate airflow. Thus, make sure that there’s 2-3 ft space between the compressor and the plants. Similarly, make sure that there are no trees above it.

  1. There must be an annual checkup

It is important that you call the HVAC technician once in a while so that he can carry out a proper check up. You don’t want the situation to get worse plus a thorough check once in a while will keep your unit working for a longer time.

You might not want to hear this but sometimes it’s better to buy a completely new conditioning unit. It might cost you a few hundred dollars but it might save you from spending too much on repairs. Thus, it’s better to make a wise choice rather than waiting for the unit to magically start working again.

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