What Color Nozzle For Car Washing With a Pressure Washer?

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A pressure washing rig that you might be thinking of purchasing will have a lot of unique components inside of it that you should learn how to use. You will most likely get a set of color coded nozzles as part of the extra apparatus, and you should bear in mind that these nozzles are vital components of the level of optimization that you can hope to attain as far as pressure washing is concerned at this current point in time.

The reason for why nozzle choice impacts pressure washing Spring so severely is that the different colors represent different degrees. The larger the degree, the wider the spray would be, and as a result of the fact that this is the case the pressure would be spread out without reducing its efficacy without a shadow of a doubt. If you want to use a pressure washer to make your car spotless enough that you can feel pride while driving it around, suffice it to say that you should avoid the red and yellow nozzles because they concentrate the spray and turn it into a jet which can dent and scratch your car.

The best nozzle to use is the green one, although the white one can work well too. The only problem with the white one is that the spray ends up becoming a bit too broad and therefore easier to manage. The green nozzle gives you the middle ground which basically involves a relatively wide spray that is not so broad that you would have a hard time controlling it and you can instead aim it with a fair degree of accuracy and confidence.

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