What If The Entire City Was Powered By Solar Panels?

These days, it’s not all that rare to meet someone who has solar panels on their roof, powering their home to an extent. Most people who have solar panels report some serious day time energy saving though. A lot of the electronics that they use during the day are basically running on direct power from the sunlight outside and the batteries store some of this energy for use when there isn’t any sunlight. This is a great way of cutting down on power from the grid but what if this system was to be implemented on a larger scale; say, an entire city?

Now converting an entire city’s electricity to solar power only might not be entirely possible. You can do this for homes since there’s a soft cap on the total level of electricity that you will be using throughout a month. With an entire city, it’s harder to put a finger on net value of electricity consumed daily. If solar panels are used all over the city and in an entire solar power field nearby, then we can base around 70% of the city’s entire power on solar energy easily.

Once various electrical equipment all over the city’s infrastructure is compartmentalized, it’s also possible to make this equipment depend solely on solar electricity. It’s important to maintain solar panels so that they’re operational all the time and since we do need so many of them to power a city, it would make sense to have possible satellites overhead for photos. This way, there can be a watch on the condition of the panels and it’ll be easier to determine if they’re facing the sun as much as it’s possible.

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