What is an Example of a Multifamily Home?

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Financial advisors all around the world have several different pieces of advice that they give to people that are trying to invest their money into some kind of a diversified portfolio at this current point in time. Many of them try to recommend that you put your money in at least three different asset classes, with the three most commonly suggested ones being stocks, commodities such as gold as well as real estate which might end up being your most secure and profitable asset in the long run without a shadow of a doubt.

The main reason for why real estate is so appreciated in the world of investment has to do with its inevitable appreciation over an extended period, something that most other asset classes fail to measure up to. Buying a few Kitsap County homes for sale can allow you to ensure that your portfolio would grow even if the stock market and other assets are having a bad year which can often hamper your expected growth from the better years that they might send your way.

A multifamily home is a great option for your very first real estate purchase, and a good example of this kind of house is a building which has three to four separate living units. This might look somewhat similar to a detached house but suffice it to say that it is unique in that you wouldn’t just have a single family living within it. Apartment complexes are also seen as multifamily homes but they are a lot more expensive to buy in one go so a more modest example like the one we just provided might be a better choice.

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