What is The Best Month to Go to Victoria Falls?

activities to do in victoria falls

If you want to see Victoria Falls in all it’s glory, you should visit it after the summar rain season. The perfect time would be February through May. The water volume is at its highest right after the rainy season. However, you might not be able to enjoy lots of other activities due to dangerously high water levels. That’s why you should decide the time of your tour depending on the set of activities you want to perform when you visit Victoria Falls.

If the reason for your Victoria Falls travels is the water level and the amount of water falling from above, months of October and November might not be the ideal for you to visit. However, this is the time when you can enjoy the best views around the Victoria Falls since there is almost no mist in the air. The view from Zimbabwean side is always fascinating since the water never dries up on the Zimbabwean side. Water flow depends on the amount of rain in every season.

Jan to March

January marks the highest point of the summer season in Zimbabwe and Zambia. However, the water level in January is not at its highest since it is only the start of the rain season. You can enjoy activities like white water rafting in January, and get lots of discounted travel deals since there are not much tourists around in this month.

For the people who love to see Victoria Falls at its highest water level, you should probably choose the month of February or March.

Apr to Jun

If you love watching lots of mist in the air, then you should visit the Victoria Falls in the month of April. That is because April marks the end of the rainy season, and the temperature gets mild before the start of the winter season ahead.

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