What is The Difference Between Physiotherapy And Physical Therapy?

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Physical therapy and physiotherapy are two words which are used interchangeably and most of the times the medical expert might not even differentiate between the two but there are subtle differences between the two which makes physical therapy and physiotherapy a bit different, to put it simply physical therapy is inclined towards more physical movements and exercises, the patient might have to perform light exercise as part of the therapy, and during the course of recovery the experts might perform physiotherapy at first, while physiotherapy is more inclined towards manual therapy, where a patients needs help in mobility and recovery from any injury caused by accident or something else, a patient might have to go through both types of therapies but these aren’t different at all, rather these are synonyms and distinctions are only made when pushed.

Physiotherapy and physical therapy are performed by medical professionals who are trained and certified, even a basic level therapist or trainers needs some sort of medical knowledge and expertise but when it comes to physiotherapy and physical, the therapist must have the required medical knowledge and experience as well, ProMelius is a physiotherapist center in Hervey Bay QL which has a team of therapists which truly understand the essence of the therapy that is required and that is reflected by the number of amazing services they provide, patients from different types of problems looking for better health and wellness and especially patients who have problems in mobility due to an injury or just age come to this center and really see the benefits.

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